Reaching out!

  • We are helping in:
  • Brazil
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Missionary Yolanda
  • Missionary Yolanda Villalobos is ministering to needy people in Testaroza, Mexico.
  • La Bodega
  • La Bodega in Testarazo, Mexico. The platform area can be used for all kinds of ministry and school activities.
  • The front of La Bodega
  • La Bodega from the front. It is a multi-purpose building.
  • Group of children in Ecuador
  • Children from the Bahia and Loja region of Equador in their Bible group.
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  • We are one of the most trusted charities providing food, shelter, clothing and emergency medical care to needy children in the USA and overseas since 1970.

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Helping kids

Our purpose is to provide food, shelter, medicine, education, counseling and other necessary care for needy children worldwide.

Children’s Food & Care Fund makes a way for your compassion to make a difference in a child’s life. Your gift will help provide a needy child with food, shelter, clothing, a basic education. It may also give seeds and simple tools or training in nutrition, hygiene, and useful work skills to his or her parents.

Transforming Lives in Mexico

God calls us to share the gospel and help people as their lives are transformed by it. God put it on missionary Yolanda Villabos’ heart to support migrant families and their children through an adult education program. She listened to their hearts and sensed the great necessity for them to learn to read and write and to learn the basics.

God has opened doors and we are able to offer school for 3 groups. The first group is for those who are learning to read and write. You might call it kindergarten or first grade. The second group is equivalent to an elementary education and the third is high school. It is very impressive to see how education is changing how these learners see life. They are beginning to dream for more. Here are a few of their stories, as told to us by Yolanda:

MATEO is an 18-year-old young man who came to me. He told me he had so much anger in his heart. When he was 7 years old his parents sent him to work in the fields and he never had the opportunity to go to school. Now Mateo is the first to arrive at school each morning. As he is learning, his life story is changing, and he knows that he can achieve something more.

PASCUALA is a young indigenous mother. She works hard in the fields and yet she desires more. She has Jesus in her life and the opportunity that she has to come to our school will help her to learn to read and write. Her life is changing!

LUIS is a young man from Chiapas. He works in the fields and he told me when he was 6 years old his mother “sold” him like a slave to work so that they would have a little money and his younger brothers and sisters would not go hungry. He never had the opportunity to go to school, and now for the first time he is learning his ABC’s. His wife is also in school with him. Their lives are changing!

La Bodega

WHERE IS OUR SCHOOL? Since we built La Bodega, we have had dreams of having a 2 story multi-purpose building with a kitchen where children could come and be fed and have help with homework after school. It would be a place where adults could go to school, where men and women could come for Bible studies and discipleship. It would be for the youth and a place in the community for the community and those working in the nearby fields. We know that La Bodedga has played a significant role in the community of Testerazo, and we know God has given us a bigger vision to further develop this place so we can continue to reach His people in practical ways that are life-changing.

This past week we finished the first phase: the foundation for a multi-purpose building on our property! God has blessed us beyond our imagination with His generosity. We were able to lay the foundation and build a small stage on the back side of the lot for use in summer ministry. We are trusting God for resources to complete this vision. Thanks to you who pray for us and support us with your resources! You are a vital part of what God is doing here in Mexico.

Our overhead

Children’s Food & Care Fund is an affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Biblical Research (CSBR), which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this affiliation, our overhead was kept to a low 0.6% last year.